Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nami Island and Petite France, South Korea (3 December 2016)

Nami Island
We visited Nami Island and Petite France on our 3rd day in Korea. We booked a van to drive us around for the day. The trip from Seoul to Nami Island took us about an hour and a half drive. It was  bit pricey  (around 1k for 6 adults & 3 children) but personally it was a good call for a big group like us, due to the cold weather (-6c) and travel constraints (small kids & my aging parents). The cost for ferry & admission to Nami Island is about 8000KRW for adults.

 Halal Food and Musollah for prayers is available for Muslims

 Hot food which was very much welcome in the hot weather. The food will set you back around RM30-RM50 per meal

 The iconic Winter Sonata statute 

Yummy hot chocolate can be found in the cafe's. The kids loved it soooo much

Petite France
Since it was on the way, we visited Petite France a popular spot for Korean shows. It is a cute and quaint French Village dedicated to Saint-Exupery the author of the novel Le Petit Prince. Not much activities other than photo taking though but the kids were not bored because they enjoyed the decors and cute statutes around the village. 

Admission Fees 
Adults: 8,000 won
Teenagers (Middle & High School Students): 6,000 won 
Children (ages 3-Elementary School Students): 5,000 won

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Seoul, South Korea (1-2 December 2016)

I wanted a nice winter holiday before the start of a new school year. Since our Korea 2014 holiday plans was cancelled, I told my parents we should make new arrangement with me in charge this time around. Alhamdullilah we finally managed to add South Korea to our "conquered list".

Day One : 011216 (Thursday)

We were out bright and early to catch our 8 am flight in KLIA2. The munchkins was excited but 6.5 hours in the plane did leave them restless. Lan and I and tried everything to amuse them. We watched movies, played with dolls, main osom, did colouring and slept for a bit. Other than that the flight was quite uneventful.

Moody people in +KLIA2 at 6am :p

Iman was with me throughout the flight, Ranya sat with my sister and Ryan was with my parents

Happy faces at the @Incheon International Airport. 

The commute via Arex from the airport to our hotel in Seoul took about 45 minutes. We reached Seoul Station around 7.30pm and it was coooollllddd. I think the temperature was around 2'c when we arrived. We bundled up real good and walked to out to our apartment which is just 5 minutes walk from Seoul Station. We decided not to venture out since it has been a long day and hung out at the apartment 

Day 2 : 021216 (Friday)

The sun was shining on our second day in Seoul, it is still very cold (between 2'c to 8'c) but the walk around was bearable. The ride to Lotte World took about 15-20 minutes from Seoul Station. Up till today, I still have yet to figure out how much each train ride cost. I find the subway in Korea a bit more confusing than the one in Japan, and the apps I downloaded wasn't very helpful, but we managed to find our line with the help of a very kind conductor. 

The twins refused to put on their jackets and made do with just their Uniqlo heattech inners and sweaters, while the rest of us was bundled up from head to toe :p

We pre-paid for the tickets online 3 days before arrival. We managed to secure a 30% discount on the whole day pass. You just need to print out your voucher and exchange it for tickets at the Group Ticketing booth. 

Lotte World is fun, but I wouldn't say that it is the best/most interesting theme park that we've visited. It is age appropriate for my 5-7 year old. Older children or the more adventurous people may be bored though with the lack of a more interesting and extreme rides. 

We brought TONS of food from Malaysia and since there's a small kitchenette in our apartment, we cooked lunch and brought plenty of snacks with us. The park allowed outside food so that's a major relief esp with 3 very picky eater. There's no halal eateries IN the park. We saw a restaurant in the shopping mall connected to the park offering halal food, but other than that there's not much of an option. However do note that most of Korean 7E and marts offers Halal food. You can identify them from the HACCP signs. Technically you won't go hungry :) 

The Nutcracker 

The park is divided into indoor and outdoor park. It was cold but the kids was super eager to try out the rides. So we braved the 8'c weather and wind

I think we were quite happy with our trip to Lotte World. Since the kids are now bigger and older they are able to try out more rides. So as long as my babies are happy, I'm happy too :) Since it was December, most of the decorations was up, so it felt very festive and extra special for my family and I

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